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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blackstone River Valley Greenway Challenge.

Ohm planted seeds of kindness by sponsoring the  Blackstone River Valley Greenway Challenge  as a way to show our Support for the new Kids Challenge at their Finish Line.  The event promoted outdoor activity and family fun while raising money for  clean water campaigns, hiking and biking trails, wildlife projects, environmental education and development of waterway access. That's great ohmwork!


Canoe Creek 



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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A new look!

Rebuilding the ohmpage, let alone the rest of the site has seemed like only a dream until now.  We did our ohmwork, we learned and we just plain old did not give up until we figured out how to update the site.  Ok, we know it is not perfect, but we stuck with the Ohm office mantra, "progress over perfection," and it got us to where we are today, which is only a place we dreamed of before............

That monument Emily mentioned when we first started ohmdog.com has become more than just some creation made of stone, it has become our motivation.  Each step towards a big vision picture is monumental, so perhaps, every step of the way we are achieving the vision!

Thank you Emily for your vision, and the foundatohm you gave this place! - Your visohm, is becoming reality, one baby step at a time, remember the Godspeed we spoke about? - It's working!

Let each friend of Ohm enjoy the journey, as the destination unfolds and the present gifts each of us with the inspiration to be kind as a means of creating peace and happiness.


Ohm On!




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