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Here is what people are saying about the peace making, happiness spreading Ohmdog.

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People are talking and writing in and Ohm Dog thought this stuff is just way too good not to share, so we thought we would share this great stuff with you here!

Thank you so hugely much! I heard you folks were great, but what an understatement; you are TERRIFIC!!! I look forward to shopping at Cafepress often! - frohm Laurie of Upton, MA

"It is truly inspiring to see what today's young minds are capable of. We are honored that our products could be part of Philip and Emily's creative and business endeavors." - frohm Apple Computer

"This site is great. I did get a chuckle and enjoyed it immensely. I love the talent that kids have and the ways they show it." - frohm Paul Kelty the most amazing gluten free baker of Mr. Ritt's Gluten Free Bakery - you can find him at mrritts.com :)

"I love how well you communicate the mission of Ohm Dog and applaud your efforts. Spreading the word is essential to attain most any goal, but especially for one as univeral as yours." - frohm Tim Collins Cambridge, MA

"These amazing pre-teens are our future. It's comforting to know that we share the same planet." - frohm Susanna, host of the most awesome Organic Solutions for the Mint Green blog, http://mintgreenlifestyle.blogspot.com/

"I stand corrected for saying that their company is the direct result of creativity with the sole purpose of bringing a thought from and idea to something that is real. I think after my reflection here, I would be far more accurate in saying that the company, Ohmdog is the direct result of creativity with a soul purpose." - frohm Philip's Mom

"Thank you for being so inspiring!!!!!" - frohm Allyson of www.crunchyboutique.com

"What great creativity these kids have. You must be so proud!! They should be on Oprah's great kids show!!" - frohm Susan Liberatore of Nashville, TN

"Send me the ohmpigeon..... you kids are really cool....." - frohm Renee age 61

"You've made quite an impression in my life. Keep up the good work and come by the store and see me anytime!" - frohm Virginia of Rhode Island

"Love your website and love the message you are sending." - frohm Martine UK, of New Choices and Modern Meditation

"Pretty impressive stuff for kids who are only in the forth grade." "These kids are not only business savvy, they are big hearted." - frohm Bonnie Adams of the Town Crier

"Ohm Dog, beyond being the Dalai Lama of cartoon canines, is a charitable business." - frohm Donna Boyton of the Telegram and Gazzette

“We just hopped over to say Hi and now we've found ohmdog :) and how cool is ohmdog.com!!! We love the message! Please keep in touch and tell Philip and Emily that we are very proud of them. Please promise that you'll stay in touch. (oh, and hop on over to our website's gluten-free FAQ link if you wish to find other gluten-free goodies offered by our sister companies.)
Peace.” - “frohm,” All of us at Annie's

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