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December 2009 News

click here to download a printable version of our newsletter


There is no place like Ohm for the holidays!

This year we are hoping that friends of Ohm will join this effort to raise funds so that we can present a gift

that can help create peace and happiness for Children today and for the Children of the generations to come. 


100% of our profits from sales during November and December will be donated to Benefit Children's Hospital Boston.


This month's design is called, "Ohm's dream Theme."  Philip made the design by modifying a photograph of a nutcracker using a Bamboo drawing tool.  We are absolutely thrilled with the results and hope that you like it.


Ohm thinks that Helping another achieve a dream, or allowing yourself to follow your own dreams is a great act of kindness.  We picked a nutcracker to represent this message, because the story behind the nutcracker is about a dream, but there is more.

The first performance of the Nutcracker was a complete failure!  Years later a new production of the performance was created and since then, the nutcracker has become the most widely performed ballet in the world!

What a great example of dreams coming true, and how they sometimes take time or require more than one person and more than one try.

We still are dreaming of that monument emily mentioned when we first started, and while we work on earning it, we are using our energy to support the dreams of others.


click here to download our previous month's newsletter

We are focused on helping children and their families who have a dream of becoming healthy and we are helping researchers who dedicate their time and talent to achieve these dreams.  


It might not be much, but is what we can do to help.  By donating our profits to benefit Children's Hospital Boston we can be part of a collective kindness effort that can add up to making a world of difference.  We thank each of you who have helped this effort.


Children’s Hospital Boston is a comprehensive center for pediatric care. With over 200 clinical sub-specialties, attracting patients from around the globe. They are home to the world’s largest research enterprise based at a pediatric hospital.  That's a great place to conduct ohmwork that benefits children and their families!


No matter how you ohm for the holidays, we wish you success in creating the season you dream of for you and those you hold dear.


Thank you for your support and interest in this venture created by kids, but just right for all ages. Feel the Peace and Embrace the Happiness, Always. Keep on Ohming on! 


copyright 2009 ©ohmdog.com  all rights reserved