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resolutohm one earth one home design

It's our second New Year and we wanted to do something very special again for the New Year, and we hope you agree that special it is!

Please, join the resolutohm, and remember that we all share one thing, our earth, our home. Treat it with kindness and celebrate the pride we can take in what results :)

Ohm is hopeful that this design will help us all REmember to be kind to our planet, after all, it's the one thing each of us relies on and that we all have in common.

ohming-pigeon delivering mail

Pigeon is helping to spread a very important message . Our planet and all creatures on it need your help to rethink the way we use the planets' resources in order to keep them available today and for future generations to come.

If each of us rethinks before we throw things in the trash, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Can it be recycled or reused instead?

Another way to reduce the natural resources we consume is to remember to use things made from renewable resources when possible.

One act of kindness to our planet at time, please consider joining the REsolution.

Kindness to each other, Kindness ourselves, Kindness to the planet, KINDNESS RULES!

Wishing you peace and happiness always,


the original re-solution design

Many thanks to our friend Gale in England who was kind and shared some wonderful ways to ohm our home!

Gale wrote in, "Honouring our planet, when gardening plant open flowers that provide pollen and nectar for our friends the bees and butterflies, many hybrid modern varieties don't allow them access.
Use products that don't pollute the earth, buy things that have not been chemically treated."

That's great ohmwork!

We at the ohm office think the twenty minute documentary, "The Story of Stuff" does a remarkable job of explaining why the REsolution is more important than ever. We hope that you will take a moment to check it out! Just click here and our ohming pigeon will fly you over to the site.

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