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In addition to our usual donation to St.Jude Children's Research Hospital, 10% of our profits from the sale of our ohm made cupcake design will go to causes that benefit kids with celiac disease. It's all icing on the cupcake for sure (gluten free of course) -

To check out our products with this very special design, just pop on over to our store using this link Thanks for stopping by and as always we wish you much peace and happiness!

 Check out other companies that offer gluten free products:)

Check out our favorite gluten free baker, Mr. Ritts! Not only does Mr. Ritts make everything gluten free, it is the best we have ever tried, even compared to stuff with gluten :)

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gluten free cupcake design on an apron
Over the years we donated aprons to people who hosted cupcake parties for Celiac Disease Awareness.

ohm made gluten free cupcake design


Go ahead and give our cupcake design a try, if you haven't ever tried anything that is gluten free, we won't be surprised when you tell us that you couldn't tell the difference!

Emily, Philip and Ohm are peace making, happiness spreading, act of kindness kind of folks that happen to have celiac disease.

People with celiac disease can get sick when they eat a protein called gluten that is found in the grains wheat, barely and rye. They stay healty by eating gluten free foods.

Ohm, Philip and Emily are used to bringing their own gluten free cupcakes to all types of parties and now with their new design, it will be easier than ever! You can click here to see merchandise available with this design :) 
We hope that you enjoy our website and your ohmshopping experience.

Peace and Happiness to you always,
Philip and Emily



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