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Ohmdog's mission is to create peace and spread happiness to everyone he meets.   
We hope that his image will continue to serve as a reminder that even the smallest act of kindness, can and does make a big difference.
Ohm strives to share images that create smiles and laughter while spreading the message to ohm on.  New designs with themes that prohmote kindness are introduced often to help Ohm dog reach a diverse group of friends, who share a common interest of peace and happiness.
That is why some people say there is no place like ohm. 


What started as a project created by two ten year old friends, has continued to grow.   Ohm has taken on a life of his own and the vision behind ohmdog.com has become a movement thanks to people like you who do some type of ohmwork every day! Keep on ohming on! 

Kindness to others
Kindness for yourself
Kindness to the planet
Kindness rules!

People have been asking how our peace and happiness, kindness promoting dog got his name.

 Are you curious too?
 We posted the answer on our FAQ page.

Jump into fitness. It's kindness for your heart.

Introducing this month's design...........

The path to a  healthy heart and a healthy body are just a few jumps, hops and skips away.  We are hoping our Johmp design is a great reminder that there are many simple ways to fit exercise into your daily routine.  It's kindness to yourself and to those who love you.

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